About Us

Aiming to make Umeda a venue for international exchange

Aiming to make Umeda a venue for international exchange

DMO Osaka Umeda is a cross-sectoral organization of more than 30 hotels and venues that work together to host and attract MICE. We aim to enhance the brand of Umeda as an area through MICE by coordinating between facilities, sharing information, and responding to inquiries.

Our activities and businesses DMO Osaka Umeda mainly engages in the following five activities and businesses

Our activities and businesses
  • 1Providing assistance for MICE organizers in the Umeda district of Osaka
  • 2Attracting MICE events to the Umeda district of Osaka
  • 3Disseminating information about MICE facilities (hotels and conference facilities), related facilities (restaurants, product sales, and entertainment), and additional services (e.g. content available for receptions) in the Umeda district of Osaka area to visitors from across Japan and the rest of the world
  • 4Operating as a one-stop contact point for inquiries from Japan and the rest of the world
  • 5Holding briefings, study sessions, and other meetings to share information among DMO Osaka Umeda members

Services for MICE organizers Five solutions to support organizers

  • MICE venues

    MICE venues

    We suggest the best venues from among the conference facilities and hotels owned and managed by DMO member companies.
  • Reception venues

    Reception venues

    We offer plans for unforgettable receptions at our hotels and restaurants in addition to unique venues and public spaces.
  • Activities


    We offer plans for attractions both during and after main events as well as interactive experiences for MICE attendees and their families.
  • Excursions


    We work with local governments and tourism organizations to take visitors on excursions in Osaka and beyond after main events.
  • Area MICE planning

    Area MICE planning

    We coordinate with member facilities to propose plans that span all of Umeda for major events requiring multiple facilities or the entire district.