Privacy Policy

DMO Osaka Umeda (hereafter, “the Organization”) recognizes the importance of personal information, and so we have established the following policy for properly handling and protecting customers’ personal information.

1. Name of organization, name and address of executive office, and name of its representative

DMO Osaka Umeda
Representative: Akihiko Taniguchi
Administrative Office: Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.
Address: Hankyu Terminal Building, 1-1-4 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka

2. Our basic stance

We respect the purport of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and have established and comply with rules and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, reviewing the content as necessary and continuously improving it.

3. Personal information in our possession

We receive and store personal information (e.g. addresses, names, ages, telephone numbers, email addresses, occupations) from our customers.

4. Purposes of use

We use personal information within the scope of the following business purposes.

  • (1) To send email or materials in communications initiated by us or to explain or respond to inquiries about our operations.
  • (2) To send invitations and announcements for events that we host, co-host, sponsor, support, or help put on, as well as seasonal greetings.
  • (3) To properly execute operations involving all or a part of the handling of personal information delegated to us by another entity.
  • (4) To send out e-newsletters and direct mailings to entice event organizers to hold their events in Umeda.

5. Providing personal information to third parties

When we have consent and in the following cases, we may provide customers’ personal information to third parties in writing or by mail, telephone, email, or other means to the extent necessary.

  • (1) When required by laws and regulations
  • (2) When necessary to protect a person’s life, physical well-being, or assets, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the owner of the information
  • (3) When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy growth of children, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the owner of the information
  • (4) When required to cooperate with the execution of legally mandated duties by a national government organization, local government, or entity delegated by a national government organization or local government, and the act of obtaining consent from the owner of the information would or could interfere with the execution of the duties

6. Safety measures

  • (1) Regarding our database system, we have established rules and regulations for managing electronic information security and take steps to make sure all employees are fully aware of them.
  • (2) We take reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information by outsiders and the loss, falsification, leakage, etc. of information. Additionally, we use SSL encryption for personal information sent to us by customers.

7. Outsourcing

When outsourcing the processing of personal information in our possession, we enter confidentiality agreements and other necessary contracts, and exercise proper management and supervision as a security management measure.

8. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc.

We disclose (including disclosure of records of provision to third parties), correct, and suspend use of (including suspension of provision to third parties) personal information upon request of the owner of the information. How we receive requests:

  • (1) We accept requests for correction, suspension of use, and the like by telephone or mail.
  • (2) We accept requests for disclosure when owners of the information fill out the prescribed forms and mail them to us. Note: A fee of 1,000 yen for each type of request is charged for disclosure. For requests by proxy, a separate power of attorney is required. To verify the identity of the requestor, we require their name, address, telephone number, and other information that enables us to confirm their identity. For more information, please contact our consultation service listed below.

9. Cookies

Our website may use cookies to provide service functions to users. Cookies are textual information stored on users’ computers when they visit a website, and serve the following functions, among others:
• Record and display the number of visits to the website
• Record visitor preferences and display preferred settings on subsequent visits
• Record any user IDs and passwords entered and skip the process of entering them on subsequent visits

We use the advertising distribution system of a third-party company to use the data collected on our website for purposes including effective advertising distribution (e.g. analyzing user trends, surveying traffic); although data from cookies is stored and managed on that company’s servers, it is not used to acquire personal information or intrude upon the usage environment.
Anyone who does not wish to have their information collected using cookies can set their browser to reject them.
However, they should be aware that some services and functions on our website may not operate properly.

10. Access logs

Visiting our website causes us or a third party delegated by us to create a record of the visitor in the form of an access log.
Access logs include visitors’ domain names and IP addresses, types of browsers used, access dates and times, and the like, but typically do not contain information that can be used to identify individuals.
However, our website may use access logs as customer information.
This information is used only for the purposes described in “4. Purposes of use” above.